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iScoop (AquaDot™) Case of 2,500 Compostable Ice Cream Spoons 3" (73mm)

AquaDot™ iScoop® is pleasing and sturdy - like a paper cup - and also Single-use Plastic Directive-compliant for the EU, plastic-free and 100% compostable and recyclable. 

The  case of 2,500 comes with five sleeves of 500 units each.   

Responding to popular demand by our frozen desert customers, our surprisingly strong iScoop sampling spoon was designed specifically for ice cream, gelato, frozen desserts, cheesecake, soft cheeses and other products that need a little extra cutting capability.

• Replaces plastic, bio-plastic wooden ice cream tasting spoons 
• Silky smooth, like a coffee cup: much more pleasing than wood spoons
• Easy pass: pinch two dots to scoop, hold one dot to serve!
• Brandable! (Contact us for branding)

Tip: We recommend taking a dozen or so iScoops and pre-folding all at once, then inserting, round end down, into a dispenser. This makes loading faster for servers and easier for self-service.           



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