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EcoTensil is the global pioneer in sustainable paperboard utensils and is considered the gold standard for non-plastic sampling. EcoTensil has sold hundreds of millions of its paperboard utensils over the last decade. Consumers and brand teams love EcoTensil because not only because it is highly functional, sturdy, fun and pleasing to use, it is intuitively much more sustainable than plastic.   
Addressing the upcoming EU ban on single-use plastics, California-based EcoTensil brings its trusted sustainable paperboard solutions to Europe through its European-based sales team, and its warehouse distribution centre in Rotterdam. Founded 10 years ago, EcoTensil has provided hundreds of millions of the smooth and sturdy alternatives to plastic cutlery to companies in the forefront of sustainability both large and small through North America, UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

Our team is passionate about designing sustainable, practical, pleasing solutions to support growing demand for grab-and-go convenience while reducing the amount of costly waste burdening our landfills and oceans. The popular range of folding multi-functional paper utensils was developed to replace small plastic spoons and sporks found in pot lids, trays, and other grab-and-go packaging, with a more environmentally friendly option.

For over 10 years, the EcoTensil team has designed its current product line specifically for single-serve packaging, foodservice and sampling applications. Drawing on its decades of packaging expertise, EcoTensil supplies its utensils formatted ready to be easily and perfectly fitted into customers’ product packaging.


Prior to founding EcoTensil Inc in 2010, Peggy Cross, had been Principal, Creative Director and Co-founder of Sterling Cross Creative Inc., a strategic food & beverage packaging design firm for National brands 1996 to 2010. Prior to this, she designed and directed at top packaging design firms in San Francisco and New York City.

As working mother of two boys, Peggy understands the value of convenience for the on the  go consumer. She came up with the idea for SpoonLidz on a fortuitous road trip. With two hungry kids, and no spoons for the yogurt she had packed, she created the first SpoonLidz out of the side of a cracker box.

As she longed for simpler lunch-packing every hectic morning, she could not get the SpoonLidz out of her mind. She trusted her lifelong proven track record of understanding trends and it became clear that this on-pack spoon would fill a need for millions of others, while reducing the impact of plastic utensils on the environment. Using her packaging, industrial design and marketing skills she developed SpoonLidz, EcoTaster and EcoSpoon into the beautifully simple, sustainable designs that have have now inspired love mail from across the country.

“We love our customers for helping make a real difference in leaving this planet a better place for the next generations, while making the lives of everyday people easier today.” says Cross.


Who we are

EcoTensil has reinvented the disposable spoon. In one fun fold, EcoTensil's pleasingly smooth paperboard products transform into the most sustainable, highly space-efficient, and brandable utensils available. There is an EcoTensil utensil to fit just about any size package and application process. 

The award-winning multi-functional EcoTensil utensils all have a much more pleasing “mouth-feel” than that of rough wooden spoons and forks. The sturdy EcoSpoon is formed with one simple “bend to touch dotsT” fold, easy enough for a young child to do. The EcoTensil team has designed its current product line specifically for single-serve packaging, foodservice and sampling applications. Drawing on its decades of packaging expertise, EcoTensil supplies its utensils formatted ready to be easily fitted into customers’ existing packaging, or customised as needed.  

EcoTensil has won multiple packaging and design awards over the years, and has received consistently positively reviews from chefs, retailers and consumers alike. It functions effectively as a spoon, spork and spreader for most foods that are scoopable or easy to cut, such as cake, desserts, yoghurts, deli salads, flans and quiches, hot or cold grain and legume dishes, porridge, soups, stews, gazpacho and everything in between.    



  • Finalist, 2019 Sustainable Food Award Europe
  • 2021 FSC Leadership Award winner
  • Natural Products Expo “Best Green Product” by retailers
  • Sofi Gold most innovative non-food product at NAFST, NYC


  • EcoTensil is a Women Founded and Owned, business since 2010.
  • European-based sales team and EcoTensil resellers throughout the EU and the UK.
  • EcoTensil warehouse distribution centre in Rotterdam, NL opened in 2019.

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