iScoop™ – plastic-free, compostable tasting spoon for ice cream, gelato...

2x Bamboo Dispensers for iScoop™, EcoTaster® Mid, and EcoTensil®-4


These handsome Bamboo Dispensers fit the iScoop, EcoTaster Mid, and EcoTensil-4. Keeps your EcoTensil products clean, attractive, professional, and easy to grab.

• Each holds 100+ iScoops, EcoTaster Mids, and EcoTensil-4s.
• Size: 2" wide x 2" tall x 3" deep
• Great for food sampling and in-store sampling.
• Tells people you have chosen to use a product that is "Renewable and U.S. Made."

• Place your EcoTensil products round end down for sanitary dispensing.
• When placing in dispenser, try pre-folding a dozen or so at a time for quick and easy dispensing.

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