EcoTensil•5 (BlueDot™) Starter Kit: Case of 1,000 Sturdy Paper Spoons/Utensils 5" (127mm) Bamboo Dispenser Included

Everything you need to get started with EcoSpoon®! Includes 1,000 EcoSpoons (banded in stacks of 125 units) & Bamboo Dispenser Box 

EcoSpoon is pleasing and sturdy, like a paper cup and uses 65 - 85% LESS material than bio-plastic or wooden cutlery. Longer-lasting, full-sized utensil (5 inches / 127 mm) perfect for full-sized servings of yogurt, oats, deli salad, muesli, or even a hot cup of soup or stew. 

Grown, milled and manufactured all in the same region.

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