EcoTaster® Mid Case of 2,500 Compostable Tasting Spoons 3.75" (95mm)

EcoTaster Mid has a spoon area approximately the size of a teaspoon, so they are 15% larger than the Mini. That makes them great for "plating" thus eliminating the cost and waste of a sample cup for some products!   

• The Mid is 3.75" long x 1.5" wide
• The Mid has a "backstop" fold to contain liquid
• Case of 2500 EcoTasters come in 5 easy-to-dispense paper "Cubes" containing 5500 units each
• The Cube keeps tasters in a tidy, sanitary pack for super easy use.
• EcoTaster is in the "GreenDot" line:  compostable, recyclable, renewable FSC* paperboard, material-efficient, and grown, milled and manufactured all in the same region.

Tip: We recommend taking a dozen or so EcoTensils and pre-folding all at once, then inserting, round end down, into a dispenser. This makes loading faster for servers and easier for self-service.

Note: For high-moisture content food, we recommend serving GreenDot EcoTasters on the side of the cup rather than IN the product, if product will be sitting more than a few minutes. 

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