Beautifully Brand Your EcoTensil Paperboard Cutlery with Your Logo / Tagline


Set apart your brand and highlight your focus sustainability by branding your paperboard EcoTensil cutlery

Beautifully customize your EcoTensil cardboard spoons with your logo and/or tagline.

Why not brand your EcoTensil cardboard cutlery for your next event? Contact us for a branding quote for any of our paperboard cutlery for foodservice and packaging.    



Photo: Lundberg Family Farms branded GreenDot EcoTaster Mid tasting spoon with whole grain quinoa and rice at Natural Products Expo West.  


Request a branded / bespoke EcoTensil quote today for the upcoming Fancy Food, Natural Products Expo West, or Catersource food shows in 2022.



GoodCulture branded GreenDot EcoTaster Mini 100% compostable tasting spoons in cups of yogurt at Fancy Food Show.  



Le Bon Magot branded GreenDot EcoTaster Mini tasting spoon at Natural Products Expo East.




Request samples of branded / bespoke GreenDot EcoTasters


Branded_KiteHill_EcoTaster_Compostable_PlasticFree_Disposable_TastingSpoonKite Hill branded GreenDot EcoTaster Mini tasting spoons with plant-based yogurt and granola at Natural Products Expo West.



Branded_Disposable_iScoop_Paper_IceCream_Tasting_Spoon Clover Sonoma branded iScoop ice cream/gelato tasting spoons.




Alove by Morinaga product samples at Natural Products Expo West with a branded GreenDot EcoTaster Mini sampling spoon.


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