EcoTaster - GreenDot™ Sampling Spoons

EcoTaster tasting spoons are made material similar to a paper cup, and also Single-use Plastic Directive-compliant, FSC-certified*, and 100% compostable and recyclable.

In one fun fold this hip little tasting utensil becomes a sturdy, pleasing scoop, perfect for a few bites. You can save money and reduce waste by plating many foods on EcoTaster, and forget the cup. GreenDot EcoTasters use 55-85% LESS material than wooden, bio-plastic or plastic sampling utensils.

The Mini sampling spoon is ideal for even the smallest sample cups.  

The Mid is 15% larger than the Mini and is ideal for full-sized bites and plating.  

Order EcoTasters – reduce one taste plastic waste!   




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