EcoTensil Creates Buzz at Lunch! 2019 Food Show in London - Walk the show floor with Peggy Cross, CEO of EcoTesnil


Peggy Cross, Founder and CEO of EcoTensil attended the Lunch! 2019 in London and was interviewed live on the show floor.  

Showcasing flavor at Lunch!2019 with EcoTaster Tasting Spoons

Already the gold standard in terms on tasting spoons for food manufacturers and retailers in the United States and Canada, plastic-free GreenDot EcoTaster sampling spoons are gaining popularity in the UK and across Europe. Peggy talks with Lunch! exhibitors Fire Grain, Follow Your Heart and 


Lunch Show! 2019 London Peggy Cross CEO EcoTensil and Celebration Packaging UK Rep

GreenDot 100% biodegradable, plastic-free EcoTaster sampling spoons are perfect for sampling both hot and cold food. Unlike wooden or bamboo sampling spoons, the smooth paperboard have no taste nor do they alter the taste of your food product.


What can you eat with an EcoTensil paperboard spoon? Just about anything!   




BlueDot EcoSpoons 

EcoTensil BlueDot EcoSpoons come in a film wrap for single-serve food packaging and foodservice applications. A paper wrapped EcoSpoon is also in the works according to Peggy. A wrapped folded EcoSpoon is now available for application on or inside a single-serve container or pot.


IScoops designed for Ice Cream





EcoTensil Creates Buzz at Lunch!2019 Food Show in London from EcoTensil on Vimeo.


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