Yes! There’s a brilliant plastic-free replacement for that tiny plastic spoon in the lid of your yogurt pot

Yes! There’s a brilliant plastic-free replacement for that tiny plastic spoon in the lid of your yogurt pot

A sturdy plastic-free paperboard utensil to replace folded plastic spoons and sporks, now available inserted onto packaging for grab-and-go foods. 


TabLock© EcoSpoon™ by EcoTensil®, is the ground-breaking, paperboard replacement for the folded plastic spoon/spork found ubiquitously in top-cups and other on-package applications across Europe. Established in 2010, the popular EcoTensil folding cutlery is made from silky-smooth paperboard, which is sturdy and pleasing like a paper cup. The new TabLock EcoSpoon comes pre-folded, in fully recyclable and plastic free material.


Based on the popular EcoSpoon line of folding paper utensils, these compact folded multi-functional utensils were developed specifically to replace small and folded plastic spoons and sporks found the top cups, trays, and other grab-and-go packaging. EcoTensil eliminates the need for an additional plastic top-cup to carry the utensil. Instead, the EcoTensil TabLock is inserted into a sanitary compartment under a cup or tray.
The new tab-lock feature allows the EcoSpoon to come folded and locked closed, neatly stacked, so it can be mechanically inserted onto a variety of single-serve food packaging. The EcoTensil TabLock stays folded using an innovative tab locking system -- the consumer just unfolds and “bends to touch dots®”, and voila, the transformation into a sturdy, pleasing utensil is complete.


There is an EcoTensil utensil to fit just about any size package and application process.
 The TabLock EcoSpoon4 is locked shut and packed stacked in tidy rows for easy placement on the assembly line. EcoTensil offers a smaller 82mm utensil and a 95mm size, both of which may be ordered sanitarily wrapped in bandolier or loose pack. The 95mm also can be ordered folded and wrapped for very small spaces. Customization is available for higher volumes.

  • EcoTensil has sold hundreds of millions of its paperboard utensils over the last decade
  • The sturdy, compact TabLock uses 55-85% LESS material than plastic, bio-plastic, or wood. Packaged efficiently, they are ultra compact and light, allowing for a lower carbon footprint in shipping and transportation.
  • It’s flat so it can fit easily in any single-serve package without issues such as the utensil breaking from being crushed, or the utensil damaging the package.
  • Has a much nicer “mouth-feel” than wood cutlery. Wood, which is the only mass marketed alternative to plastic cutlery, has a very negative appeal to consumers and detracts for the taste experience of the food. This is not a good thing.
  • Addresses upcoming 2021 EU ban on single-use plastic utensils.
  • Consumers and brand teams love because it is not only pleasing to use, it says eco-friendly with no greenwashing
  • Retailers can address consumer demand for both grab-and-go convenience and reduction in single-use plastic packaging.  

Photo: 100 small-to-medium-sized plastic and bio-plastic spoons vs. 100 GreenDot EcoTaster 100% compostable spoons.


About EcoTensil

Drawing on its decades of packaging expertise, EcoTensil is the global pioneer in sustainable paperboard utensils and is considered the gold standard for on-package utensils in the US market. The popular range of folding multi-functional paperboard utensils was developed to replace small plastic spoons and sporks found in pot lids, trays, and other grab-and-go packaging, with a more environmentally friendly option. Addressing the upcoming the EU ban on single-use plastics - EcoTensil brings its popular paperboard solutions to Europe through its new EU/UK website and warehouse distribution center in Rotterdam. 

This range is available to order now across Europe through or from our Packaging Team.




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